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Billing Information

Office calls are free for UND students who pay student fees. for illness and injury. All students must present a valid student ID at each visit.

  • Charges are made for ancillary and special services such as laboratory, x-ray, pharmacy, minor surgery, allergy injections, immunizations, wart treatment, etc.
  • There is also a charge for physicals, including FAA, pre-employment, pre-operative, and women's annual exams.

Students are strongly encouraged to have some type of health insurance coverage in the event of a health care crisis.

  • International students are required by the state of North Dakota to purchase health insurance for students.
  • Many students are eligible to continue on their family health insurance program. Consult with your insurance provider to determine if this option is available to you.
  • Students also have the option of subscribing to the Student Health Insurance Policy available through the North Dakota University System. This insurance covers most basic health care charges, plus emergency care. Information and forms are available online at You can also pick up a brochure at Student Health Services or call 775-3131 (Grand Forks) or 1-800-732-4336(outside the Grand Forks area) for more information.

    Please present your insurance card when you visit Student Health Services. A copy of your card will be kept in your health record to help ensure proper billing. If you need help with writing papers from scratch, please contact us.
  • Student Health Services charges will be billed to your Student Account, whether or not you have health insurance. A credit will be issued to your account when your insurance company makes payment. Charges made to student accounts will be posted by date as a Student Health Services charge.

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